Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A little more embroidery....

This is going to be made up into a lavender sachet for a friend who needs some cheering up.  The design is my own but I was inspired by the work of Lorna Bateman and Kris Richards. 

The embroidery itself features some raised stitches that are worked directly onto the fabric.  This style of work is much easier and quicker than stumpwork!  It was completed in just a couple of days.  I am now working on a needlecase book in the same style. 

Summer is here at last and sitting in my little garden surrounded by flowers, trees and birds doing embroidery is my kind of heaven!  I believe embroidery is enjoying a revival at the moment.  I am not surprised, it is real mindfulness in action and good for the soul.  Just like miniature making!


  1. Oh my word - this is just beautiful! And what a happy and gentle pastime while you enjoy your garden. This piece has such sweet vintage feel to it, I love it.

  2. What a gorgeous piece. It´s so beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful gift this is going to be. I love the idea of the surrounding you chose to sit in and embroider.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. Hello, Carol - This embroidery piece is so lovely that it just thrills my heart! Your work is impeccably done. You paint such a restful word picture of your gentle garden pastime; it does sound like heaven!

  5. Wow, Caroline, this is going to be a beautiful gift for your friend. It's just like Robin said "this piece has such sweet vintage feel to it", and I love it too!!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Ilona
    PS I've subscribed again on your blog for becoming a follower.....since I have difficulties with blogger, it seems that your blog was also unscribed, but not by me. And unfortunately it seems that no one can see my photo and blog, me included, but I hope I can see your updates in my readers list from now.

    1. Hi Ilona, Blogger can be so unpredictable. Thankfully I have been able to still see your lovely blog and see what is going on with you! Thank you for your kind words about my embroidery. x

  6. Your embroidery is gorgeous.What a great way to relax and enjoy your garden.
    Hugs Maria

  7. This is such a PRETTY piece of embroidery work Carol, which can't help but put a BIG smile on the face of anyone who sees it! :D

  8. Hi Carol!I think your embroidery is Gorgeous!!! I love those bees! I agree about the meditative nature of embroidery, it is one of my Favorite things to do, and every time I do I feel a great sense of contentment and peacefulness.... I can imagine sewing in the garden would be true Bliss! I look forward to all your updates on this and all your projects! It is very inspiring! :)