Friday, May 29, 2009

The cousins arrive!

"Look Aaaa-shling." said Bo, "Over there!!! Its Chalky and Charcoal and.......

But before she could say "Rose" Aaaa-shling was racing off to greet her cousins. What fun they were going to have in Ireland. I wonder what they will get up to.................


  1. Hi Maryla,

    Isn't all such silly fun. We are all grown women - but I just love this kind of 'hands across the ocean' stuff.

    Glad you like it. Hope you have a fab weekend, Carol :)

  2. Those sheep are so cute and the story to send them all over the globe is great.

    I just made one, but it doesn't look as adorable as yours.

  3. oh, Aaaa-shling is too, too cute! and so is Bo!

    Julie Old crow

  4. Absolutely adorable, Carol!! Happy new year to you and your family. It's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you thru your blog and the comments you've left on mine this last year. God bless. :)

    ~ Wendy